Saturday August 11, 2018

at Riverside Park/Rexburg Rapids

Two skill level categories for 5-12 year olds 

$20/each, Registration OPEN!


extra shirts will be purchased, but sizing is not guaranteed

                                                                                                            Online registration closes Aug 10th at 5pm

Paper Registration offered Aug 11th @ Rexburg Rapids. Intermediate Paper Registration ends 8:45am, Beginner Paper Registration ends 9:45am.

Registration   Course Maps (coming soon)   Volunteer  


                                   Youth Distances (tentative)                                      

9am Intermediate: 100m swim, 2 mile bike, 1 mile run

10am Beginner: 50m Swim, 1 mile bike, and .6 mile run




The distances have been changed-there is construction going on and a football tournament, so we’ve lost some space to that, but have tried to make the most out of what we have available while still keeping the children safe!


We will have a check-in/registration booth at the entrance to Rexburg Rapids. Please bring your child/ren in their swimsuits and ready to go to save on time and hassle.

Please show up early so you have time to drop your child’s bike and transition bag off in the transition area (orange box on map).

We will have shirts for the Youth Triathlon at check in, parents please grab those so your children aren’t trying to pack them around everywhere.

-Kid’s Race Series Participants can pick up their medals for those who have completed 3 of the 4 races!

Swim (blue up arrow on map)

Kids can use life jackets for the swim, there will be some available at the pool but sizing is limited.

NO INFLATABLE wings, arm floaties or floatation devices; REAL LIFEJACKETS only. Participants are NOT required to wear a life jacket, but if they are not a strong swimmer then it is suggested they use one.

Bike Transition (orange down arrow on map)

After they swim their laps they will go out the North East gate of the pool and get their bikes in the transfer section. Some suggested items to have in their bag at the transition area: towel to dry off, shoes and socks to wear for the bike and run, dry shirt and shorts to throw on over swimsuits, or not, child’s choice. HELMETS REQUIRED for biking portion of the race. No helmet, no race.

Passing-TELL YOUR CHILDREN that when passing during the biking section to make sure the path is clear and there is space to safely pass, if there is not then they need to wait until there is, this isn’t a timed race, so there is not enough rush to risk injury.

*NO earphones or music devices are allowed to be worn or used during the race. Participants please leave all valuables and electronics in your car, or with a parent, so they are not lost, stolen, or broken during the race.



The course will be marked with cones and tape, and there will be volunteers at crucial spots and turn arounds to direct the children. Parents please stay off the course, unless you are a course volunteer and have been assigned to a spot. The bike paths will be full of kids biking and it may get tricky with bikers or runners trying to avoid running you over or getting confused about who is a parent and who is a volunteer.

Run Transition (yellow up arrow on map)

Transition to run will be after they’ve biked along the bike path and behind fat cats (intermediate bikers only), they will come back across the west bridge and transition to a run-which starts by going across the middle bridge and around the north fields (intermediate 2 laps, beginners 1 lap), then coming back across the middle bridge to finish the race.

Finish Line (yellow star on map)

The Finish Line will be in the parking lot by the bike transition area on the north east side of the pool.

We will have Youth Triathlon Medals at the finish line to put on the participant as they cross the line!


Seeing as our race will cross the Rexburg Rapids parking lot, all parking lots will be closed except for the large main one north of the fields, please enter from the North East entrance on N 1st E.

Race Director:

Jeff Crowther
Jeff Crowther
Race Director