Pictured Left:

Back Row Left to Right

Jade Lewis - Lab Tech, Pretreatment 9 yrs

Brett Mitchell - Operations & Maintenance 3 yrs

Don Perry - Lab & Operations 3 yrs

Paul Richey - Collections & Operations 6 yrs


Front Row Left to Right

Jeremy Coles - Collections 5 yrs

Donna Archibald - Foreman 20 yrs

Jeff Schroeder - Maintenance & Operations 12 yrs


Wastewater Treatment

The Wastewater Departments' responsibilities include the operation of the wastewater collection system, pumping stations, and the treatment plant and related facilities. Responsibilities also include the monitoring of all industrial and commercial users of the system to ensure that substances that would be harmful to the treatment system or process are not discharged into the collection system.

The treatment plant has a capacity of 5.5 million gallons per day and is presently operating at approximately 3.0 million gallons per day and a peak average of 4.0 million gallons per day. The treatment plant provides for the treatment of wastewater from Rexburg, Sugar City, and the City of Teton. The wastewater system also includes seven pumping stationsto transport the wastewater flows to the treatment plant. 

The City of Rexburg is growing in leaps and bounds, the Waste Water Treatment Plant continues to grow and keep up with the changes.

Time Line

April 15, 1993 ~ The city began removing the rip rap from the old lagoon, known as A-pond.

October 6, 1994 ~ First flow entered into the newly constructed treatment plant. At this point in  time the average daily flow was around 1.9 mgd.

October 8, 1994 ~ The Oxidation ditches foamed up and over the walls, but it smelled great. 

In August of 2000 it was determined our facility was no longer big enough to handle the loading accumulated with by the city. At this time the city chose to expand the Waste Water Treatment Plant by adding an additional clarifier and oxidation ditch.

In 2006, the city decided to expand the facility again to help facilitate the bio solids loading. The expansion included two gravity belt thickeners, an aeration system (added to the existing digesters)  and a 174,000 gallon waste holding tank. 

In the summer of 2010 the Waste Water Treatment Plant underwent construction to upgrade the Headwork’s Facility. This project introduced a new bio tower, bio tower pump station, and two new  splitter boxes. This addition has greatly increased production and the operations of the plant.

Treated Waste Water

Treated wastewater is discharged to the South Fork of the Teton River at a point just upstream of the Highway 20 river bridge. The treated water is monitored daily for quality. The level of treatment of the wastewater is governed by the Environmental Protection Agency. The treated water from the treatment plant is always well below the mandated limits, and in fact is usually cleaner than the water in the Teton River.  

Utility Rates


Contact Info:


Donna Archibald


525 North 5th West
Rexburg, ID  83440

Sewer line inspection Hot Line 
Monday - Friday 
7:00 am - 4:00 pm
Afterhours Contact Number
208-709-4169 or 208-709-4167