The Teton Scenic Byway begins on Idaho 31 at Swan Valley northeast to Idaho 33 at Victor, then north on Idaho 33 to Idaho 32, north on Idaho 32 toIdaho 47, and west on Idaho 47 to U.S. 20 at Ashton.

The jagged teeth of the Teton Mountain Range are actually in Wyoming, but Idahoans prefer “the quiet side” on the western slopes, along the Teton Scenic Byway.

At nearly 10 million years young, the Tetons are the newest mountains in the Rockies. In fact, they continue to grow today at the snail-like pace of about an inch every hundred years. In fact, the largest peak on the range, Grand Teton, now stands at 13,772 feet.

Beginning at Swan Valley, this byway travels east on Idaho 31 through the beautiful Pine Creek pass to the town of Victor, and then north on Idaho 33, along the western side of the Teton Range. The mountains sharply contrast with the rolling agricultural fields to the north and west. In the towns of the Teton Valley, Victor, Driggs, and Tetonia, travelers can enjoy small town hospitality, internationally famous resorts and festival events held throughout the year. West of Tetonia, the byway turns north on Idaho 32, offering glimpses of the Tetons and the Falls River until it reaches Ashton, where the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway begins.


Pine Creek Pass has a two lane roadway with no passing lanes. It has 6-percent grades, some 35-mph curves, and often has a snow floor in winter. Idaho 33 is a two lane roadway with ample passing opportunities.

When to go

Year around, but fall foliage is spectacular as are the wildflowers of late spring. Special attractions Great views of the Teton Mountains; Targhee National Forest; unlimited recreational activities; State Historic Markers; trails and pathways; Grand Targhee Ski and Summer Resort near Driggs.


Numerous Forest Service and private campgrounds available throughout Teton Valley.