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The Award Ceremony will start at 11:00 a.m. at Smith Park. The overall and team relay awards will be presented to the athletes at this time. The age group winners can check their times at the Age Group/Vector Timing booth to pick up their awards.

All runners will receive a finishers medal at the end of the race.

Age Group Awards will be given to the top three males and females of the marathon and half-marathon (based on chip time) in the following age brackets: under 18| 18-24 | 25-34 | 35-44 |45-54|55-64 | 65-74 |75+

Overall winners are not eligible for age group awards. To receive the award, the runner must be present at the ceremony.    No awards will be sent in the mail.

Record holders get a free race entry* into the Teton Dam Marathon until someone breaks their record!


Male: 02:43:37 - Braden Perry - 2017
Female: 03:16:34 - Erin Staker - 2017

Male: 01:27:02 - Rex Taylor - 2017
Female: 01:28:52 - Keysha Stutz - 2016

Male: 00:34:11 - Zachary Erikson - 2017
Female: 00:51:32 - Cara Buckner - 2017

Male: 00:17:21 - Chase Barrow - 2017
Female: 00:21:26 - Sarenady Price - 2017

02:56:48 SWL's - 2017 

CORPORATE CUP RELAY CHALLENGE**                                           03:10:53 Madison Competitive - 2017 


*free race entry only valid for the race in which you hold the record  

**record holder free race entry only valid for individual races 

(All records are based off of the new-courses that were established in 2016)