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Street Department Responsibilities

The Street Department is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the city's streets, alleys, and roadways. The department is located at 425 North 5th West, where equipment and materials are stored.   Although, this is the shop location and general meeting place for the department, you will seldom find our workers there. 

The Street Department staff can generally be found out and about maintaining the streets our prodigious town through various methods of cleanup, construction, repairs and general maintenance. The Street Department's duties include maintaining the streets, removing snow, street sanding, sign installation and repair and street cleaning. Most of the street construction work is contracted out during the summer months. The Street Department will often aid other departments when heavy equipment is required.

During the spring and fall months the Street Department is also heavily involved with yard cleanup.  Citizens are asked to collect their yard waste into garbage bags and bundles and place them at the curb.  The Street Department then will follow behind the sanitation trucks remove the bags and bundles.  Please limit the bundles to four feet lengths and both bags and bundles need to be under 50 lbs. for the safety of our department staff.

Snow removal will begin when the snow fall accumulation has reached 2 inches in the middle of the street and is rising.




Bill Blair

425 North 5th West
Rexburg, ID  83440


Monday - Friday
7:00 AM -4:00 PM