Rocky Mountain Power

Rocky Mountain Power (a division of PacifiCorp) is one of the West's leading utilities, serving 1.8 million customers across 136,000 square miles in six Western states. The company is comprised of three business units working to provide safe, reliable electricity to customers at a reasonable cost. Pacific Power serves customers in Oregon, Washington and California. Rocky Mountain Power serves customers in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. PacifiCorp Energy operates a broad portfolio of power-generating assets to ensure low-cost energy is available for customers.

Power Mix

Wind, hydro, geothermal and other non-carbon resources currently make up more than 20 percent of PacifiCorp's owned capacity. PacifiCorp currently has more than 1,400 megawatts of owned and contracted wind resources.

Electrical facilities

PacifiCorp's generating plants have a net capacity of 10,579 megawatts. They operate 75 generating units across the West, including thermal, hydroelectric, wind-powered and geothermal facilities. An additional natural gas-fi red generating facility is currently under construction in Utah, and will add 645 megawatts when it is placed in service in 2014.

The company continues to invest to meet customers' needs, making only the critical investments now to ensure future reliability, security and safety.

Rocky Mountain Power & Economic Development

Rocky Mountain Power is committed to making communities stronger, cleaner and safer places to live and work. By working closely with state and local development organizations, Rocky Mountain Power helps communities enhance their economic vitality. Rocky Mountain Power partners with agencies to bring additional resources for attracting top companies and high-paying jobs and to help existing companies expand.