Why Sponsor?

Sponsorships are very important for recreation and for the community. It allows local businesses to promote their goods and services while giving back to the community. Our youth leagues, adult leagues, and races need sponsors and there are so many different ways in which sponsors can give. Whether it's donating supplies, donating financially , or volunteering time there are many ways that local businesses can give back. 

What are the Benefits?
When you become a sponsor for any area of recreation there are great multiple benefits that you receive. Most of the benefits are through advertising. The City of Rexburg and the Recreation Department have access to many of our local residents as well as university students. Thousands participate in our leagues, programs, and races every year giving your access to a direct market. Other benefits include access to our Corporate Wellness Benefit Program, and receiving discounts for our adult/corporate leagues and other activities.

How to Become a Sponsor?

Becoming a sponsor is easy. You can click any of the links on the right to learn about specific sponsorships that are available. Then you can contact the Recreation Department to set up a meeting and finalize details.

Call or email us at: 208.372.2560 or recreation@rexburg.org

If you are limited in what you can do, but would still like to sponsor or would like to offer alternative sponsorships please call or email us.


The Zone

Rexburg Races 

For Youth Sports sponsorship opportunities, please contact us directly at recreation@rexburg.org.