Garbage Services                                           Kristina Rawson- Utility Billing Clerk 208-372-2342

 Garbage last increased: April 2015

Garbage Information

The sanitation drivers work hard every day to take care of our City's solid waste. Together they do all that they can to make sure your containers are picked up on time and with as little inconvenience to your everyday lifestyle as possible. In the event that your container was not picked up on the regularly scheduled day, please call 208-359-3020 and a customer service representative will see how they can accommodate your situation. Keep in mind that the drivers start their day often before many of our alarms go off in the morning. This allows the drivers to maneuver through the streets with less traffic. It also causes their route to be completed and shift ending by noon or early mid-day. Therefore, people calling in for pickups in late afternoon will be unable to be accommodated until the next morning.

Getting Started

The Customer Support Services Department helps in the coordination of the sanitation services provided by the Sanitation Department. Call (208) 359-3020 and ask to be added to the sanitation service. You will need to provide your physical address and choice of container size. See Utility Rates flyer for more information on services and pricing.

Sanitation Tips

  • Have container out on the curb and ready for pick up by 7 am on the morning you are scheduled for pickup.
  • Do not stack bags around or on top of container.
  • Bag garbage to ensure it does not blow away.
  • Make sure that the container is at least 3 feet from any surrounding obstructions, including recycling container.
  • Do not include yard waste, construction materials, appliances or any large foreign objects in container as they will damage sanitation vehicle.