Frequently Asked Questions

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(see utlities for more info)

Why is my water use so high, and what can I do about it?

How often is my water meter read?

Where can I find Rexburg's water quality report for DEQ?

How is my sewer usage calculated?

What are the measurement increments for water and sewer?

Why wasn't my garbage picked up?

My garbage was missed, how do I get it dumped before the next scheduled pickup?

How do I change my garbage service from weekly to every other week or vise versa?

My garbage container is broken, how do I get it fixed?

What is my garbage day?

What are the items I can recycle?

How do I sign up to auto-pay my utility bill?

I'm behind on my utility bill, what can I do to prevent interruption of service?

Can someone please explain the Utility Rate sheet and how the monthly bill is calculated?

When is the due date for the utility bill?

I didn't get my utility statement in the mail, how can I find out my account balance?

Does the City of Rexburg have the option to go paperless?

What can I do about my utility bill if I am going to be away from home for a while, and I don't want my water shut off?

Local Improvement Districts - LID's

(see LID's for more info)

What is an LID?

What can be improved by LID?

Who is responsible to replace curb and gutter and sidewalk?

What if I want to hire my own contractor or do the work myself?

How are LID sites determined or identified?

How do the City Engineers decide what must be repaired or replaced?

Why not rebuild everything at once?

How was my estimate calculated?

Who will be doing the repair?

How long does the entire process take?

I received an estimate, and I want more to be done. Can I add to it?

What other costs are included in my final assessment?

Does the city participate in the replacement cost of Curb and Gutter and Sidewalk?

I want to be included in an LID, but my property is not located within the current boundary identified for an LID by the City Engineers?

What will my payment options be for an LID, once the costs are finalized?

What happens if I choose to finance LID improvements, and then decide to pay the assessment off early?

Cross Control Program: Backflow Prevention

The City of Rexburg is committed to providing quality and cost-efficient service in the production, treatment, testing and delivery of safe drinking water to all of its citizens. Safe and reliable drinking water is a carefully manufactured product. In order to help ensure safe drinking water is always available, the Water Department has implemented a Cross Connection Control Program as required by the "Idaho Rules for Public Drinking Water Systems." (IDAPA

What is a Cross Connection?

What is Backflow?

How does Backflow happen?

What needs a backflow device installed?

How does this affect me?

Does my lawn irrigation and sprinkler systems need tested?

Who can I contact to test my backflow device?

What can happen if a cross connection is not installed?

How can I become a backflow tester?

I am a licensed and certified tester what do I need to do to be a provider in the City of Rexburg?

For further questions or concerns contact Chuck Velman at 208-716-1344 or

Impact & Capacity Fees

(see Impact & Capacity Fees for more info)

Why charge impact fees?

What are impact fees?

What are impact fees used for?

How much are the impact fees?

Who benefits from Impact Fees?