City of Rexburg Comprehensive Plan 2020

A vision for the future . . .

Rexburg is a community that highly values its history of a well-maintained residential community. It is a city where residents, tourists, and government can come together to create an attractive and safe community. Over the past several years, Rexburg has been experiencing substantial changes. While embracing these changes, the people of Rexburg also want to ensure that the community values and quality of life are preserved.  Consequently, the City of Rexburg created Vision 2020. The following is the Community Vision statement of purpose:

 "Residents of Rexburg have chosen to live here because they enjoy the current quality of life, asesthetics, recreational opportunities, mix of land uses, and patterns of development that the City provides. The primary vision of the City of Rexburg Comprehensive Plan is to ensure that these qualities are maintained, preserved, and enhanced."

  Planning is essential to ensuring these qualities. In 2008, the City of Rexburg adopted the 2020 Comprehensive Plan.


The Comprehensive Plan is . . .

 A comprehensive plan has four characteristics:

  1. It is a physical plan. It guides the physical development of the community based upon community, economic, and social values. It is the how, why, when, and where to build.
  2. It is long-range. A typical comprehensive plan details the next five years of development. However, it can look forward at least twenty years to additional changes.
  3. It encompasses all of the functions that make a community work, such as transportation, housing, landuse, utility systems, and recreation. 
  4. It guides decision-making by the Planning and Zoning Commission, City Council, and the mayor.

This plan is not a zoning map. It is a vision of new developments, revitalization efforts, new transportation, open space planning, and parks for the city limits of Rexburg and the Rexburg impact area. A zoning map is the current laws and restrictions of what can or cannot be built or done on a parcel of land. For more information, please see the FAQ section.

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Rexburg Comprehensive Plan Map

Rexburg Zoning Map