Candidate Election Packet - 2017 Election


1. C-1 Apointment of Treasurer 2. Petition of Candidacy 3. Declaration of Candidacy
2017 Campaign Finance Reporting Manual 2017 Open Meeting Law 2017 Ethics in Government
2017 Intent for Write-in Candidate 2017 Candidate Withdrawl Form  

 Forms for Candidates: 

 C-1 – Appointment & Certification of Political Treasurer Form:

C-1 Apointment of Treasurer

 C-2 – Campaign Financial Disclosure Report Forms (Required):

1. Campaign Financial                 Disclosure Report Summary Page 2. Detailed Summary 3. Schedule A: Itemized     Contributions
4. Schedule B: Itemized Expenditures 5. Schedule C: In-Kind                 Contributions & Expenditures 6. Schedule D: Loans
7. Schedule E Credit Card and Debt Disclosue Report  8. Schedule E-1 Credit Card and Debt Itemization 9. Schedule F Pledged       Contributions not Received


 Forms for Political Committees:

 A political committee includes:

     (1) any individual, group or entity specifically designated to support or oppose any candidate or measure; or

     (2) any individual, group or entity that receives contributions and spends in excess of $500 in any calendar year for the                   purpose of supporting or opposing one or more candidates or meaures-Idaho Code 67-6602(p).

     Note: The City Clerk needs the same forms for the polictical committee as required for the candidate; (Forms: C1, C2                  including the summary page with forms A-F, and C5). Only after the committee has filed the C-1 form may it begin raising          and spending money. 

 C-5 – 48-Hour Notice of Contributions/Loans Recieved of $1,000 or More Form:

C-5 - 48-hour Notice for Contributions ($1,000 or more)

 Forms for Non-business Entities:

 Any group or entity which: 

(1) does not have as its main purpose the conduct of business activites for porfit; and

(2) received during the previous or current calendar year contributions, gifts, or membership fees, which in the aggregate exceeded 10 percent of its total receipts for the year- Idaho Code 67-6602(n).

Spending more than $1,000 in any calendar year for a candidate requires a C-4, C-6, C-7 forms from the non-buisness entity with in 30 days of exceeding the $1,000 threshold. Non-buisness entities must also comply with independent expenditure reporting (see next section). 

 Forms for Independent Expenditures:

  Any individual, group or entity that spends money:

 (1) for communication expressly advocating (i.e. "vote for," "elect," "suppor," "cast your ballot for," "vote against,: :defeat," or  "reject") the election, passage or defeat of a clearly identified cadidate or measure, that is not made in cooperation or  consultation with a cadidate or political committee - Idaho Code 67-6602(i). 

C-4 – Independent Expenditures ($100 or more)
C-6 – Statement by Non-business Entry
C-7 – 48-Hour Notice of Independent Expenditures ($1,000 or more)

REPORT OF ELECTIONEERING COMMUNICATION For use by a person who has expended $100 or more per year on electioneering communications. Any person incurring costs of $1,000 or more must fi le within 48 hours of incurring costs.

 C-8 Electioneering Communication (Greater than $100)


 Candidates are required to certify on their Declaration of Intent that they are qualified to hold the office of mayor or  councilmember, meaning they meet the following qualfications as of the date of their Declaration of Intent is submitted to  the city clerk: (1) At least 18 years of age; (2) A U.S. citizen; (3) The candidate's primary residence must be within the city; (4)  The address of the candidate's voter registration must match the residence address provided on the candidate's Declaration  of Intent, and (5) The candidate must have resided in the city for at least 30 days prior to submitting their Declaration of  Intent.

 Write-in votes are only counted when cast for persons who have filed a Declaration of Intent with the city clerk at least 28  days prior to the election. The deadline for filing the Declaration of Intent is Tuesday, October 10, 2017.

 Write-in candidates are only required to file a Declaration of Intent with the city clerk - they are NOT required to submit a  petition or $40 fee.

 Declaration of Intent for Write-in Candidates

 Withdrawal of Candidacy (34-1405A)

 A candidate for nomination or a candidate for election to an office may withdraw from the election by filing a notarized  statement of withdrawl with the officer with whom his declaration of candidacy was filed. The statement must contain all the  information necessary to identify the candidate and the office sought and the reason for the withdrawl. A candidate may not  withdraw later than (45) days before the election.

Candidate Withdrawl Form

Withdrawal of Candidacy Form