The City of Rexburg is proud to offer 5 main parks for your recreational enjoyment. The parks are free to the public.  Each park has shelters that can be rented and reserved for your group. All shelters rent for $40.00 for 4 hours and up to 100 people.  Reservations can be made by clicking on the following link, click on Park Shelter Reservations. Choose the park and time you would like, and then enter your payment information. You can reserve a shelter online up to a year in advance. If you are wanting to make a reservation and it is less than a week away, you will need to come into City Hall to make the reservation.  

To make a reservation, Click Here


Porter Park playground

Porter Park

Location:  2nd W to 3rd W and 1st S to 2nd S

Features:  Splash Park, Carousel, kids playground, tennis courts, basketball court, walking path, and 2 shelters.  The South Shelter is the biggest shelter in the city with 17 tables.  The North Shelter has 8 tables.  The Splash Park is free and open every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day from 10:00am-9:00pm.

Events:  4th of July celebration in the park after the parade, Celebrate Youth every year the week before school starts.










Carousel at Porter Park

 Idaho Centennial Carousel

 Location:  Porter Park

The historical Idaho Centennial Carousel was acquired by Rexburg in 1952. It was engineered by Spillman Engineering in New York over 100 years ago. 3000 wooden carousels were produced during the Golden Ages, but less than 175 are still in operation today.  The carousel is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day 12:00-7:00pm Monday -Saturday. Each ride is $1.25.   

 The carousel may also be reserved for large groups by calling 208-359-3020.



Smith Park

 Smith Park

Location:  3rd E to 4th E and Main St. to 1st N

Features:  2 Baseball diamonds, Veterans Memorial, 2 shelters, gazebo, kids playground, tennis courts, basketball court and walking path. The East Shelter and the South Shelter are the same size with 8 tables each.  The gazebo can be rented for $25.00 but has no tables or power.

Events:  Concerts in the park every Thursday night during the summer


 Nature Park

Nature Park

Location: N 5th W

Features: 3 ponds, canal, 4 shelters, skate park, frisby golf, kids playground and walking/bike path. The Southwest, Southeast and Northeast shelters all have 7 tables each. The Northwest shelter has 4 tables.  The two south shelters have power outlets; the two north shelters do not have power.



 Evergreen Park

 Evergreen Park

Location:  Main Street and Pioneer Rd.

Features:  Soccer fields, kids playground and 1 shelter. It has 4 tables.  It does not have power.


 Eagle Park Campgound

 Eagle Park Campgound

Location: 4th N between the Animal Shelter and Walters Ready Mix

Features:  24 camping spots (no power) and one shelter.  $10.00 a night for camping spots. All camp sights are first come first serve. We only make reservations for the shelter at Eagle Park.