2014 Inspirational Stories

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Several months ago I knew that I would be attending a three day hospital conference at Sun Valley. I did a little web surfing and found that there were races in Rexburg. I signed up for the 10 K and would take an extra day and run the race.

Your race is very well organized and thought out in great detail. But most importantly the people who work it are all friendly and quite helpful. Being 70 I never know what to expect and your hills were quite challenging as I am fighting an injury in my lower right leg. But the supportive work crews and smiling faces along the way helped me focus on keeping my run under control and escaped without further hurting it  which is all I do in my workouts and races.

You need to be commended as I know the amount of work that is necessary to put on a race to include all the technology and social media responsibilities.  I do not know who the young sixth grader is who ran the 10K but he appears to have a future in running. When I congratulated him at the end and asked him what his time was he told me he had no idea. In other words he runs for the enjoyment and passion for the sport. This along with his inherent competitive spirit will do him well.

Take a few breaths and relax for a few weeks and your preparation for next year will come before you know it.

Thanks again for an enjoyable morning. My drive home after the race to northwestern Montana was made easier with the fond memories or the hospitality of Rexburg.

 God Bless,

 Jerry Pauli

 I want to thank Rexburg and the Teton Dam Half Marathon folks for a great run in 2014.  The previous year I had made a goal to run a half marathon in every state.  The 50 state journey has been long, expensive, and very rewarding so far.  I now have 45 states and plan to run #50 in January 2017.  I often wonder, now that I am very near the end, how I was so undaunted.  I’m glad I was undaunted because that carried me through this amazing adventure.  Being raised in Rexburg, my Idaho run will always hold a special place in my heart.  Especially because it is associated with the Teton Dam.  I was a young lad in south Rexburg when the dam broke and I was among the many frightened children who listened to the radio as they urged people to get to high ground.  I remember my dad moved the food storage from the basement to the main floor and then we left.  Luckily, the waters missed our house by 400-500 yards.  To make a long story short, I’m thankful that my half marathon state #8 brought me back to the land of my nativity ... and memory lane. To top it off, I was fortunate to have my awesome parents with me cheering me on.  I made the video below to document the 2014 Teton Dam Half Marathon.

Thanks again,

Darin Partridge

I ran the Teton Dam Marathon in June of 2014 this was by far one of my toughest marathons being my 5th one I thought it would be like all the rest but it was more challenging both physically and emotionally (aside from the 5400ft elevation it would reach). During my training I struggled getting my miles in but every time I felt I needed to back out of doing this marathon  I couldn’t help but feel his presence and confidence pushing me through. A lot of times I would think of how strong he was that day June 5, 1976 when the Teton Dam broke and he was fishing with his friend. David was an excellent swimmer but yet he was still taken by that devastating tragedy. I thought a lot about him that day running and how strong he was, toward the end of the marathon I was fatigued and was struggling with the elevation difference coming from sea level where I have lived for the past 10 years but  I was able to push through with the strength that I knew Uncle David had that day when the Teton Dam broke. Along with the amazing support from my family, but most of all the presence of my uncle David pushing me through to the very end. I finished that day with his strength and the support of my family and was lucky enough to do this marathon with my younger brother whose amazing strength to finish a marathon, 26.2 miles in memory of our Uncle David Benson.

Sincerely ,

Jennifer Davis